Good afternoon everyone. I am Ashley Dyer, Chuck’s oldest
granddaughter. Thank you so much for joining my family and me
in celebrating my grandfather’s life. There are many things I can
talk about my gramps, his compassion, patience, and mostly love,
but seeing as how I am already having trouble reading this, I will
keep this short and sweet.

I have never lost a grandparent before so this is a new
experience for me. Looking back, I remember a few memories that
I would like to share with you.

I remember when I was very young, my grandpa and I use to
watch Jurassic Park over and over and over again until the tape
actually broke! I remember sitting on his lap, playing a video game
together on his computer, that was my favorite.

I remember when I would stay with grandma during the day
and gramps would go to work. Grandma would fall asleep and I
use to go into his closet and see what treasures I could find before
getting caught.

But most significantly, I remember 4 weeks ago driving out
with him to go on our 4 day cruise. I was driving and asking him
about his earlier years. I remember him explaining how he met
grandma and calling her the most beautiful, intelligent woman he
had ever met. I was so intrigued by his stories and just wanted to
listen to him forever. Having my grandfather with me on my
graduation cruise was a true blessing.

Although my grandpa will be greatly missed at my future
wedding, every birthday, Christmas, and every other party from
now on, there are many things that I am truly joyful for him about.
He is now rejoicing in heaven with Jesus, running and jumping for
joy, two things he couldn’t do here before his death.

Thank you Grandpa so much for the wonderful memories.
And thank you all for letting me share with you today.