Arbitration / Mediation

Commercial and many other type disputes can sometimes be resolved outside of the often expensive, emotionally trying and slow traditional court-based litigation process. Whether by contractual mandate or stipulation, arbitration and/or mediation often provides a quick and economical alternative dispute resolution process. These processes, however, vary dramatically and involve not only unique benefits, but also unique and often special challenges and risks not always readily apparent. Just as with litigation and civil trials, the assistance of an attorney both experienced and proven in arbitration and mediation is a necessary component to success.

The attorneys and counselors at Dyer Bregman Ferris Wong & Carter, PLLC possess decades of combined arbitration and mediation experience successfully representing individuals and businesses in most of the major practice areas. In fact, many of the firm’s attorneys have been trained and have served as both mediators and arbitrators.

When faced with a mediation or arbitration scenario, or should either you or your business wish to submit an existing or potential dispute to mediation or arbitration by means of contract or otherwise, Dyer Bregman Ferris Wong & Carter, PLLC is prepared provide the highest quality services, guidance and counsel the process demands.

  • Mediations
  • Dispute Resolution Negotiations
  • Binding and Non-binding Arbitrations
  • Enforcement of Mediation and Arbitration Agreements/Contract Provisions
  • Arbitration Hearings
  • Enforcement and Collection of Arbitration Awards
  • Mediator and Arbitrator Services
  • Mediation and Arbitration Agreements/Contract Provisions

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