Sandy and I recently took a rare weekend off and spent a couple of days in Del Mar where we spent some time attending an estate planning conference, but mostly we enjoyed the sunsets and the good food at Jake’s on the beach (probably our favorite place to have good food and people-watch) near downtown Del Mar.   A wonderful eclectic mix of old and young California families were picnicking and surfing.  There truly was something for everyone—as typified by Sandy wearing both a jacket and a sweater as protection against the cool ocean breezes while I reveled in my shorts, tee, and sandals thinking of the 115 degrees back in the Valley.

Watching families in Del Mar—an old established community that remains vibrant with people of every age—playing, shopping, eating, and just enjoying themselves, always reminds me of the importance of the generations and the estate planning that I do.  Although adherence to technical standards may be the sine qua non of my practice, it is the assurance of family legacies and their accumulated wealth that is the reason for what I do.

On the return trip Sunday, we took a scenic inland route up to Indio through horse and farm country far different than the opulence of the coastal communities.  The sense of hard work emanating from the scenery, the small businesses, the communities dedicated to ranching and farming reinforced my own dedication to making sure that I remember why I do what I do.  It was every bit as intoxicating as the cool ocean breezes.  Two lane country roads running through a different California than viewed from the freeway, yet co-existing with the bustle just a few miles away, is a metaphor for life and the differences each of us bring to our relationships.

I returned to work refreshed and ready to tackle the problems of the day with a renewed vigor and a fresh perspective.  Our trip was a much needed holiday for which I am truly grateful.