Construction Support Services

The counselors and attorneys at Dyer Bregman Ferris Wong & Carter, PLLC regularly provide a wide variety of support services to general contractors, trades, developers, design professionals and engineers with respect to both commercial and residential projects, large and small. Whether seeking to contract on a project, needing to perfect or enforce lien rights, securing insurance coverage/bonding or prosecuting/defending a construction defect, warranty or professional malpractice lawsuit, Dyer Bregman Ferris Wong & Carter, PLLC is prepared to provide the skilled and proven support required to protect your interests, and those of your business, and to establish a framework and environment conducive to realizing success.

Taking chances in today’s ever-changing, risky and volatile construction industry is both imprudent and unnecessary given the availability of the many and valuable construction support services available at Dyer Bregman Ferris Wong & Carter, PLLC; where our knowledgeable, respected and proven commercial, business, real estate and litigation professionals care about your success and that of your construction related business. Your success is our success.

At Dyer Bregman Ferris Wong & Carter, PLLC, you and your business will find support and peace of mind in the many construction support services we provide, some of which are listed below. Dyer Bregman Ferris Wong & Carter, PLLC is here to help and always values your trust and confidence.

  • Construction Contracts/Subcontracts
  • Subconsulting Agreements
  • Liens
  • Bonds
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate Purchase and Sales Agreements
  • Real Estate Acquisition and Disposition Support Services
  • Financing Agreements
  • Development Services
  • Individual and Commercial Leases
  • Mortgages and Deeds of Trusts
  • Easements
  • Joint Venture and Co-Ownership Agreements
  • Land Use and Zoning Services
  • Real Estate Leasing Services
  • Real Estate Litigation/Trials
  • Construction Financing
  • Arbitration and Mediation
  • Contract Performance Oversight
  • Contract Enforcement and Remedies
  • Transaction Negotiations
  • Design Professional/Engineer Malpractice Claims/Litigation
  • Complex Commercial Litigation/Trials
  • Construction Defect Litigation/Trials
  • Collection Litigation/Trials

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