The Truth About Financial Power Of Attorney

Powers of Attorney, the most common of estate planning tools, are parceled out by estate planning attorneys like aspirin, but they seldom work when needed. Here’s why – Generic Powers of Attorney will work very well for a large variety of purposes that are seldom encountered, but they usually won’t work well in the [...]

Observations From The Trenches: Logical Estate Planning

Over my many years practicing law I have become a niche lawyer concentrating on estate planning. A growing part of my estate planning practice involves administration of trusts and estates. An inevitable part of trust or estate administration is resolving contested matters. Unhappily, a large number of those disputes become litigated matters instead of models [...]

Death And Taxes In 2010

Much has been written and discussed about the absence of an estate tax in 2010.  The debate about what Congress may do rages on and is spiced up with stories about the death of George Steinbrenner and others like the Texas billionaire Dan Duncan, but the little publicized truth is that the 1 year [...]