Administrative Law / Professional Boards

In today’s complex world of regulation and oversight, it is inevitable that you or your business or professional practice will encounter challenging and often problematic administrative or board claims and processes. Whether involving state or federal claims or agencies, Dyer Bregman Ferris Wong & Carter, PLLC and its team of attorneys of counsel to the firm will provide the guidance and expertise necessary to navigate often-unique administrative rules and procedures so as to ultimately achieve a positive result.

Administrative and professional board law and procedures, and the many administrative and professional tribunals in Arizona, often become relevant, and must be successfully addressed, in connection with a variety corporate, commercial, real estate, construction and other such endeavors and often involve a number of overlapping practice areas. Having a full service firm such as Dyer Bregman Ferris Wong & Carter, PLLC is imperative to adequate preparation for such administrative and professional board matters.

Don’t be overtaken by administrative and professional board challenges; look instead to Dyer Bregman Ferris Wong & Carter, PLLC.

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